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DIY copper coil ice water Air conditioner

box cutter, measuring tape/ruler, strong scizzors, dykes, plyers, pencil, calking gun (optional if you are badass at using calking without a tool)
20$ total (you should have these anyways) Skill saw (for cutting out fan hole) (optional)

Parts list

20 foot Copper tubing (plumbing section) (comes in a bag)(15$)

Pond pump 3/8′ outlet (garden section) (19$)

Aluminum screen for baby fingers (optional) (7$)

Small Zip ties, electrical tape, calking,
(again, you shoud have these) (9$)
Parts list Wallmart

9″ fan (hardware/home section) Do not assemble the legs/stand (10$)

Wallmart cooler (15$)

Homemade Evap. Air Cooler! – The DIY “Planter Box” AC (air cooler) – up to 30F drop!

Homemade Evaporative Cooler. This DIY Window/Planter Box Air Cooler is simple to make, very sturdy and powerful. cools air up to 30F. full easy instructions. made using: plastic planter box, towel, one 2×3 (96″) board, one 3/4″ (48″) wooden dowel, 12 2.5″ wood screws, a fan and water. holds 2+ gallons.

Just add water, rotate towel to saturate and turn on fan. works best in dry climates (the drier the better – as it adds humidity to the air). cost: about $10.00 not including fan ($1.98 for board, $2.98 for dowel, $1.99 for towel, $1 for flower box and $2.29 for the wood screws). tips: use the thickest most absorbent towel you can find. rotate towel frequently (every 30 to 90 mins), try using cold water or adding ice for extra cooling. dry out towel after a days use.

Wooden dowel just slips out, so it’s easy to remove (or replace) the towel. the wooden stand can be used with any standard plastic planter box (18″ 24″ 36″ etc… just alter the length of the wooden dowel). planter box in video is 24″. towel used was 49″ long by 29″ wide originally. (i trimmed the width to 18.5″ and kept the length the same). just sew the towel end to end). cut the 96″ (8 foot) 2×3 into 8 pieces: Two 3.5″ lengths, Two 4.5″ lengths, Two 15″ lengths and Two 25″ lengths. cut the 48″ (4 foot) 3/4″ wooden dowel into 2 pieces. (approx. 19.5″ each – but measure that carefully to fit your stand and flower box ).

I used a 3/4″ spade bit to cut the holes for the wooden dowels. drill about halfway through. the 12 wood screws are 2.5″ long. i used a standard 20″ box fan but all sorts of fans can be used. finally, this could easily be run “off-grid” using a DC fan (or fans) directly connected to a solar panel (or an AC fan connected to a small solar panel/battery system). note that the main body of the video is only 7 mins long. last 4 mins just show the second (a duplicate) wooden brace being built.

Homemade air conditioner DIY – Awesome Air Cooler! – EASY Instructions – can be solar powered!

Homemade AC Air Cooling unit produces very cold air. 42F air (in an 80F room). items needed: ice chest (hard-sided or styrofoam), pvc pipe, small fan and ice. (small solar panel is optional). great for space cooling. 3 ways to power it: a solar panel, a battery or an automobile (using 12v socket “cig. plug”).

This air cooler combines the durability of the “5 Gallon bucket air cooler” with the extra cooling power of the “styrofoam ice chest air cooler”. specs: fan: 12VDC 10w 0.8A. solar panel: 15 watt (1 amp). works best in semi-dry or dry climates. (drier air cools down easier/faster than humid).

Air temperature during testing 80F (4% relative humidity). block of ice lasted 5 hours (larger blocks can last up to 10). to run the cooler 100% off-grid check out my solar ice making/freezer vids.

Homemade Air Conditioner DIY Project Worlds Cheapest AC!

Homemade Air Conditioner DIY Project Worlds Cheapest AC!

Do you know someone that needs AC in this crazy heat? This is a very simple DIY basic science video that will teach you how to make a fast and cheap Homemade Air Conditioner.

This AC is encased in a foam cooler and uses ice for the cooling with a fan to move the cooled air into your home or car.

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Some people call these homemade air conditioners swamp coolers or ghetto cooler..

This is a super green DIY project.

How to make your air conditioner in 1 minute – Do it yourself DiY

Tips to build yourself your homemade air conditioner in less than Two minute. The less expensive and more simple air conditioner you can dream.

Items you will need :

A frozen bottle of water

A fan or ventilator

that’s all !

Put the frozen bottle just front of the fan, and you have the cheapest air cooler of the world !

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Best DIY Air conditioner

Best DIY Air conditioner
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This is a very simple DIY cooling box which can effectively cool down your room quite a few degrees! You can by all the part easily and just for 30$. Keep a big pack of soda bottles filled with ice in your fridge and you can continuously feed the box and run the cooling process at the maximum level.

I put it in the kid room which is 15 m2/160 ft2 big and get down the temperature by 1 degree of celsius in 40 minutes.
Give it a try and make it on your own. If you do please give me a feedback and send some pictures about yours!

Thanks for watching!!

DIY Cheap Homemade Air Conditioner Quick Build

Hi, today I’ll show you have to build your own super simple air conditioner with parts around the house. Parts used:

Computer fan
12V AC adapter
Hot glue
A knife

Optional parts:
XT 60 connector
12V battery

It really does not take a long time to build. You will first have to find a container, a milk package works great. Cut an opening in the package for the computer fan and glue in place. A computer fan can be found in a computer (obviously), but you could also use a small brushed motor. Connect the AC adpater to the fan by using a connector, or if you want to make it real simple, connect it straight to the fan. However, the connector makes it more portable and gives you the possibility to use a 12V battery instead of a 220V outlet. Push the ice into the package and power the fan. You should now have a fully working air conditioner.

A computer fan is perfect to use since it will be quiet and use very little power. The idea behind this quick build was to cool down the computer area. Due to multiple screens and a hot running computer, the room can get very warm. The DIY simple AC takes care of that problem!

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Music: Hold On – Joakim Karud

Used cameras:
Sony Alpha a55

Video Editing Programs:

Why Plumbing Is Important When You Are Selling Your House

Air coolers have become a common accessory in most of the places. They are utilized to maintaining average temperature in a place which is comfy for the people living there.



A great nights sleep is so essential to overall well being that attempting to exist with out it brings much more stress into your lifestyle. I do ac repair so I don’t listen to the telephones ringing off the hook all working day. I get couple of messages on my cell telephone. when I do, I go into tension mode because I know that there is a issue with 1 of the models that I installed. But, my spouse turns off the telephones when she arrives home from work because, she is completely pressured from listening to this constant sound.


When you absolutely have to have AC repair

Yet, if what you are storing is of worth or is necessary to maintain in a local weather-managed place, you might want to appear for a facility that matches this bill. There are many places out there that have local weather controlled storing locations. They are usually cooled with air conditioning repair conditioning in the summer or heated in the wintertime. Depending on your requirements, you might even have access to a independent thermostat for the space so you can keep the temperature controlled to match your requirements.

It can really ruin your day to discover out that your air conditioning system is not working properly. Envision returning house from a lengthy camping journey. You have spent many times in the wilderness, and you are pretty keen to lounge about in a climate-managed atmosphere. Then, you attempt to turn on your air conditioning device. Nothing happens. You are immediately panicked. You question what the problem is and what type of cash you will have to spend in purchase to get it set. Don’t fret although. An AC repair technician can usually repair the issue for a great deal much less than you would suspect.

I and my younger brothers were already satisfied with the cool air that the fancy electric fan could deliver (Man, do you know that factor? Nicely, great for you!) That thing is the only one who brings us correct air flow anytime we need it. It isn’t that awesome, compared to what the air conditioning system could bring. But at least, we have the said stuff.

When you appear for AC maintenance solutions in Cypress TX, the companies would frequently talk about fancy sanitizers they would be using for comprehensive cleansing of ducts. Some would even place forth an extra charge for the exact same! Nevertheless, as per the recommendations issued by the EPA, sanitizers aren’t essential for the cleaning of air conditioning systems. Although, there would be some EPA certified sanitizers accessible in the marketplace, a near appear at their labels would reveal that they have never been examined on ACs or any HVAC system for that matter. Therefore, there is no reason why you ought to be having to pay additional for sanitizer induced cleansing.

Mercury vaporizing is an additional way for it to get in the air and possibly cause a lot much more harm. This risk is negated nevertheless, because the vaporization point of mercury only happens at 674 degrees Fahrenheit! Since it never will get that hot (even in July in Phoenix, AZ), you don’t have to worry about mercury vaporizing and inhaling the steel. The main danger of mercury absorption is when a CFL bulb is initial dropped and the steel possibly splashes up and hits us.

Check your Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning ( HVAC ) system and the ductwork, to make certain they are not leaking. Your ducts ought to be insulated – if that insulation is torn or shredded at all, replace it. Even though you don’t want air leaks in your place, bear in mind that your attic does have to have some air movement. If you don’t have any vents – place some in!

Find a AC repair Company

It’s important to know what to look for in the right AC repair company so you can get ahead. There are plenty of options out there that you must go through so you can know what’s going to help you get things fixed. Keep this advice in mind and you’ll do well.

AC repair All American HVAC Inc. 9550 South Eastern Avenue Las Vegas, NV 89123 702-515-1992

Air conditioning repair

Think about how the AC repair company has treated their customers in the past. You can figure out what they have had to say about the services they get by getting online and searching for the company’s name. The first few results may just have business information in them, but when you get further into results you’ll start to notice that they may have a few review sites mentioning them. Read a couple of reviews and make sure they’re recent so you can get a feel for how the whole company has been in the past.

In Las Vegas AC repair companies run the gambit

You will find when searching for AC repair companies in Las Vegas that there are a lot to choose from. There are the big name companies, slightly smaller companies that have the big name prices, family run AC companies, and unlicensed companies. It is very important to make sure that the AC repair company that you choose be licensed.


All American HVAC does AC repair on the below AC units, and offers a 3 year warrany on all repairs they preform.

  • Amana
  • American Standard
  • Goodman
  • Trane
  • York
  • Rheem
  • Carrier
  • Ruud
  • Comfort Maker


Air conditioning repair All American HVAC Inc. 9550 South Eastern Avenue Las Vegas, NV 89123 702-515-1992

AC repair company in Las Vegas

It’s good to realize that you’re not always going to need a repair company to just do a repair. You can also have them come out to inspect the unit you have to tell you whether or not you’re going to get it to work right for you when the time comes. Generally, it’s smart to get the company to work with you a month or two before you know it’s going to be hot. This allows you to know that when you turn it on, there should be no problems because you had a professional help you determine what the status of the unit was.

Sometimes it can be hard to find the right AC repair company, but now that you’ve read over these tips you can easily get what you need. It’s all about putting in the required work so you can be on top of it all.

Air conditioner Repair tips for the Spring Season

air-conditioner-repair for spring seasonWhile the majority of cooling repair work tasks should be left in the hands of the specialists, it is always good to stay notified and obtain aware of your A/C system so you can see for any type of possible troubles and do some troubleshooting on your own.

Specialists understand ideal just what to do and where to seek problems, but doing an assessment of your a/c unit before you hire for assistance will aid the technician in identifying your trouble. Additionally, if you notify the team regarding what you located before they leave for your residence, they are more likely to bring with them just the component that you require for your cooling repair work. Right here are some tips from the specialists for knowing your AIR CONDITIONING system:

Check the setting on the thermostat to see to it it is effectively established on COOL. Each thermostat has its very own setup, so seek advice from your owner’s handbook if necessary. Make certain that the thermostat is set on cool. Now you can turn on your cooling unit and see exactly how it works. Examine the thermostat temperature establishing. This is the temperature level that you need to get in your room. Usually, the temperature on the thermostat need to be less than that of the room and you ought to immediately feel it as the air starts to cool down. You have an issue and you need to talk to your air conditioner repair professional if that doesn’t happen.
Whichever the scenario might be, it is clear that you require the aid of an expert specialized in air conditioner repair. You may not be able to fix the problem yourself, you can definitely educate the specialists regarding the situation and they will be prepared with every little thing they need to deal with the problem promptly.
This only briefly resolves the trouble due to the fact that inadequate air circulation of the system is the actual origin source and you will need the help of an air conditioner repair expert to take care of the problem in the future if the coil keeps cold. A bigger trouble, nonetheless, is when there is no ice build-up and the air conditioner is still not running.

That might indicate an issue with the coolant liquid degree– which is most definitely a job for air conditioner repair experts.


Choosing the right Air Conditioning SEER replacement unit